Accurate Inventory Management Software for E-Commerce / Warehouse


Real-time inventory visibility and control across all locations

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inventory visibility
Accurate Inventory

Eliminate manual data entry and ensure inventory records are updated and exact

  • See at a glance how much inventory you have on hand
  • Set reorder points to allow ample time to replenish stock
  • Know what inventory is on hand, allocated, not available, available to pick, and committed, all in a consolidated report
  • Easily forecast future inventory requirements to avoid dead stock and stock outs
  • Eliminate the need for physical counting of inventory, saving you time and money
  • Receive notifications when inventory falls below customized thresholds
  • Auto-generate purchase orders to facilitate the reordering process
Multi-location Management

Ensure each product in your inventory is tracked and accounted for, no matter where it is

  • Track inventory across multiple locations, from bins and shelves to aisles and trucks
  • Create thousands of locations, location groups, and sub-locations
  • Identify where inventory is supposed to be stored, check quantities, and transfer goods quickly between locations
  • Analyze inventory valuation, sales, parts, and quantities by location
  • Leverage seasonal and location-based trends to optimize inventory management workflows
  • Move inventory within a single location or between facilities to prepare for seasonal shifts in demand
Part Tracking

However you want to track it, we can help

For optimal inventory traceability create custom part tracking to meet your specific needs, or leverage one of the many built-in options

  • Creation Date
  • Units of Measure
  • Expiration Date
  • Harvest Date
  • Lot Number
  • Batch Number
  • Revision Number
  • Received Date
  • Serial Number
  • Country of Origin
  • Tag Number
Asset Tracking and Management

Whatever you’re tracking, we cover your assets

Maintain an up-to-date view of where your machinery, fleets, tools, and supplies are located through real-time reporting and mobile tracking

Oversee essential company equipment, to ensure accessibility and improve productivity

Record and report on asset valuation across your warehouse or across the globe

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Let us show you how to optimize every inch of your inventory and see it in real time.

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