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Organize, track, and pay your business bills online with confidence.

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Bills don’t belong in a spreadsheet

It’s time to organize your bills together with all of your business finances.

Go from bill pain to bills paid

Global Business Commerce makes it simple to control your cash flow, so you pay when it’s right for you.


Centralized Receipt Management Made Easy

Simplify your receipt management process by effortlessly capturing photos of your receipts using the mobile app provided by Global Business Commerce. Our platform acts as a unified hub where all your receipts are stored, ensuring seamless tracking of your business expenses.

Effortless Receipt Integration with Invoices

When invoicing your clients for incurred expenses, our system simplifies the process. Just snap a photo of the receipt and log the billable expense in your financial records. Seamlessly add the billable expense to the invoice and attach the receipt hassle-free.

Confident Tax Preparation

At tax time, Global Business Commerce takes the stress out of gathering information. Extracting crucial details like dates, vendors, amounts, and payment methods from your receipts, our system matches this data to existing expenses or generates new expenses on your behalf, ensuring a smooth tax filing experience.


Start with Confidence from the Get-Go

No business is too small to start tracking success from the very beginning. With Global Business Commerce, it’s never too early to ensure you're on the right path to success.

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Global Business Commerce offers an intuitive feature named "Client Billing" that simplifies the process of tracking and managing expenses billed to clients. This feature collates all client-related expenditure, including invoices, expenses, time records, and associated details, in a centralized manner. With the Client Billing feature, effortlessly monitor and account for expenses incurred and billed to clients.

Absolutely! With Global Business Commerce, setting up recurring transactions for regular business expenses is seamless. Recurring transactions cater to fixed business expenditures that occur at consistent intervals, be it monthly or weekly. Users can easily schedule these transactions within Global Business Commerce, allowing for automated payments and automatic recording of the transaction, available specifically in Global Business Commerce Online Plus and Advanced plans.

While it's recommended to maintain a clear separation between personal and business transactions, Global Business Commerce provides a solution for instances where business expenses are charged to personal credit cards. Users can record these expenses within the software and subsequently reimburse themselves. It’s crucial to attach transaction receipts or relevant documents for accurate record-keeping and documentation purposes.

Yes, Global Business Commerce allows users to categorize expenses based on various spending categories, enabling better organization and analysis of expenditure. This feature facilitates the generation of detailed reports categorizing expenses by type, providing valuable insights into spending patterns and financial trends.

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