Streamline Your catalog with Global Business Commerce's Catalog Solution

Channel management made simple for omnichannel merchants.

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Looking for a team that is dependable, centralized e-commerce home? then, Global Business Commerce is that home.

Avoid the need to manually re-enter product details for each channel. Our catalog management tools create a central database for all of your product data, including descriptions, images, prices, inventory levels, and a multitude of other features.

Our software makes it easy to create beautiful and engaging online catalogs that will showcase your products in the best light possible to assure listing compliance with most major online retail channels.

Our catalog management software is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for catalog management, eCommerce catalogs, product listings, and online catalogs.

One-stop to manage your multi-channel listings

No more hopping between platforms or juggling multiple product catalogs.

List multiple channels in one go from Global Business Commerce

With our comprehensive list of integrated channels, you can reach a wider audience. Without ever leaving Global Business Commerce, you can list on all of them.

Acquire product information from various sources.

Import product data from a variety of vendor feeds and channel listings.

Create product variants

With our variation SKUs, you can sell products with similar qualities in one listing.

Organize your product images

You won't have to re-enter product photos for each channel because of our common database.

Set each product's shipment preferences

Organize and shift products between bins and warehouses with ease.

Creating a set

List numerous things as a set automatically. Bind component inventories together so that neither the parent SKU nor the child components are oversold. Set inventory can also be transferred as an assembly to the package. All of this will assist you in keeping track of your profit and loss statement and item costs. With our predictive purchasing reports, you can account for all component purchases (both individually and as part of a set).

Shadow List

Multiple product profiles can be assigned to a single product using shadow listings. While maintaining your inventory in sync, you can list the same product in numerous ways and under different categories.

Product Variants

Global Business Commerce will assist you in managing all of your product variants. Products with slight differences in attributes such as color or size can be combined into one listing while keeping their separate SKUs.

Alias for Products

There will be no more lengthy scouring through your catalog for numerous products. Add many aliases to each product to make it easier to find them.