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Why Opt for Email Tracking Software?

There are multiple compelling reasons:

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Saves Precious Time

Email tracking software empowers you to craft content that resonates profoundly with your customers, saving considerable time while ensuring impactful communication.

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Identify Promising Prospects

With advanced email tracking software, discerning the stage where potential leads stand within the sales cycle becomes effortless, enabling more targeted and effective follow-ups.


Boosts Team Productivity

Utilizing efficient email tracking software significantly enhances your team's overall performance, streamlining workflows, and fostering productivity.


Unveil Valuable Metrics

Leveraging email tracking software facilitates the generation and visualization of invaluable metrics. It grants insightful analytics crucial for optimizing strategies.

Data-Driven Insights are Essential.

Email marketing extends beyond the 'send' button. Our Email Tracking Software provides comprehensive insights into email delivery, open rates, and user engagement. Yet, that's just the beginning.

Get comprehensive reports that track campaign performance over time, distinguishing active and inactive recipients.

Effortlessly compare up to 5 email campaigns to gauge their performance in terms of opens and clicks, aiding in future strategy refinement.

Visualize the click performance of links within your emails through an intuitive heat map, enabling you to prioritize and refine content for better engagement.

Identify and categorize similar contacts for targeted lists and personalized emails, thereby enhancing overall campaign performance.

Track the open rates on mobile devices versus desktops, understanding audience preferences for better content optimization.

Gbcommerce’s app provides the convenience to monitor and check reports anytime, anywhere, ensuring you're always updated.

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Empowering Your Marketing Strategies.

We understand that different preferences exist for learning and support. Hence, we offer a range of support options, from phone and chat assistance to video tutorials and comprehensive guides.


Email Tracking Software saves time by automating the tracking and analysis of email campaigns. It helps in understanding recipient engagement levels, allowing businesses to focus efforts on strategies that yield better results without manually analyzing each email's performance.

Email Tracking Software offers insights into recipient engagement, indicating their interaction with emails (opens, clicks, etc.). This data assists in understanding prospects' interest levels, enabling businesses to identify and prioritize leads based on their engagement patterns.

Email Tracking Software streamlines campaign analysis, offering detailed metrics on email performance. These insights enable teams to fine-tune strategies, optimize content, and focus efforts on areas that generate maximum engagement, thereby boosting overall productivity.

Email Tracking Software provides various metrics, including open rates, click-through rates, engagement reports, campaign comparisons, click-tracking heat maps, click segmentation, and mobile open rates. These metrics offer a comprehensive view of email campaign performance.

Engagement Reporting provides detailed insights into recipient behavior, indicating active and inactive engagement levels. It helps in understanding how recipients interact with emails over time, allowing for targeted follow-ups and content adjustments.

Click-Tracking Heat Maps visually represent the performance of links within emails. They highlight which links receive more clicks, allowing marketers to prioritize and optimize content by focusing on the most engaging elements.

Yes, Email Tracking Software includes mobile open rate tracking. It helps in understanding how recipients engage with emails on mobile devices compared to desktops, allowing for tailored content optimization for different platforms.

Gbcommerce offers comprehensive support options, including phone assistance, live chat support, video tutorials, and step-by-step guides. These resources are available to help users effectively utilize and navigate through the Email Tracking Software.

Campaign Comparison allows users to analyze multiple email campaigns simultaneously, comparing their performance metrics such as open rates and clicks. This analysis helps in identifying successful strategies and refining future email campaigns for better engagement.

Click Segmentation categorizes recipients based on their interaction with specific links in emails. It helps in creating more targeted email lists, enabling businesses to send personalized content to specific segments, resulting in improved engagement and response rates.

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