Effortless Expense Management Software for Small Businesses

Global Business Commerce makes it easy to track business expenses, so you always know where your money is going.

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Never lose sight of your business expenses


Keep Control of Your Finances with Gbcommerce's Cash Flow Tracking

Gbcommerce offers an integrated solution to monitor your expenses year-round, providing you with the tools to effectively predict and manage your cash flow. With our built-in cash flow statement, staying informed about your available funds becomes effortless, ensuring you're always prepared to cover your bills and financial commitments. Gain visibility into your financial health and make informed decisions with Gbcommerce's reliable cash flow tracking features.

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Expense Reports Easily Accessible.

Crafted for collaborative use

Gbcommerce offers intuitive and easily accessible expense management software designed for seamless collaboration. Effortlessly access and manage expense reports, allowing for swift and collaborative use within teams. Our platform ensures a user-friendly experience, enabling businesses to streamline expense tracking and management effectively. With advanced tools and a user-centric interface, Gbcommerce's expense management software simplifies the process, providing efficient ways to monitor, analyze, and optimize expenses.

Track expenses effortlessly while on the move.

Transform your smartphone camera into a rapid receipt scanner using the Global Business Commerce mobile app.


Consolidate your receipts effortlessly

Capture and upload receipts effortlessly through our mobile app. Global Business Commerce conveniently stores all your receipts in one location, simplifying the process of tracking your business expenses.

Streamline invoice management

When invoicing clients for your incurred expenses, snap a picture of the receipt, register the billable expense in your records, and seamlessly integrate it into the invoice alongside the receipt.

Tax-time readiness

Global Business Commerce automatically extracts details such as date, vendor, amount, and payment method from your receipts. It then matches this information with existing expenses or generates new ones, ensuring you're well-prepared for tax time.


Be assured from the start

No business is too small, and it's never too early to ensure you're on the path to success.

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Global Business Commerce simplifies the process of tracking and accounting for billable expenses through its Projects feature. This tool consolidates all project-related information, including invoices, expenses, worked hours, and other project details, providing a centralized platform for accurate and efficient tracking of billable expenses.

Absolutely! Global Business Commerce facilitates the setup of recurring transactions for fixed business expenses that occur at regular intervals, like monthly or weekly occurrences. You can schedule these recurring expenses to be paid automatically by the software, streamlining your expense management process. This feature is available in Global Business Commerce Online Plus and Advanced versions.

3. Occasionally, I need to cover business expenses using my personal credit card. How can I ensure accurate tracking of these transactions in Global Business Commerce's expense management software?

While it's preferable to keep personal and business transactions separate, if you ever need to use your personal credit card for business expenses, Global Business Commerce enables you to record these expenses and subsequently reimburse yourself. Simply document the business expense within the software and attach transaction receipts or relevant documents to maintain a clear record of the transaction.

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