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purchase order management

Streamline your restocking process effortlessly with comprehensive purchase order software.

Say goodbye to manual inventory checks and tedious restocking routines. With Gbcommerce inventory software, you gain insights into your current stock levels, whether it's on the shelf, in transit, or awaiting replenishment.

Restock Smarter

Define your restock thresholds in Gbcommerce, ensuring timely reminders for reorders based on your business needs. Take complete charge of your restocking process, including requisition approval, order placement, and delivery destination.

Seamless Receiving

Gbcommerce bridges the gap between receiving products and managing inventory. Your procurement and warehouse teams utilize the same user-friendly app, ensuring smooth communication and efficient handling. Plus, with robust mobile support, your team remains productive, whether they're stationed at their desks or on the go.

Automated Integration

Experience a reduction in redundant data entry. Gbcommerce records all product costs with each transaction and seamlessly syncs financials with QuickBooks Online. Simplify your purchase order system, automate workflows, and elevate operational efficiency with ease.

Take Charge with Purchase Order Management Software

Choose when to restock

Each product you manage has its unique "low stock" threshold. Whether an item remains in stock for weeks or flies off the shelves, Gbcommerce allows you to define low stock levels and reorder quantities specific to each product.

Choose where to reorder

Managing inventory across various locations can be complex, but Gbcommerce streamlines this process. Its location-specific reorder points keep you informed about low stock levels across different locations, pre-filling all necessary details for accurate restocking.

Choose how to restock

Gbcommerce offers versatile restocking methods tailored to your needs. Whether you're transferring stock between locations or assembling products, it allows you to choose between stock transfers, purchase orders, or work orders for efficient restocking.

Choose who can approve POs

For businesses handling significant purchases, Gbcommerce empowers you to implement Purchase Order (PO) approvals. Designate team members as approvers and set their approval limits, ensuring proper oversight and maintaining a stable cash flow for your business.

Gbcommerce's Purchase Order Software Advantages

Centralized Purchasing and Replenishment

Gbcommerce introduces a cloud-based inventory purchase order software solution meticulously crafted for contemporary businesses. Offering multiple product tiers, our software caters to businesses of varying types and sizes. Explore the diverse capabilities of our product:

Unified Purchasing and Replenishment Management

Our software seamlessly centralizes purchasing and replenishment within a singular database. By aggregating and consolidating sales data sourced from multiple platforms such as e-commerce and point of sale (POS), Gbcommerce equips you with dynamic forecasting tools. These tools empower informed decisions in restock purchasing strategies.

Efficient Partial Shipment Handling

Partial shipments are commonplace in numerous warehouses, yet many cloud-based inventory purchase order systems fail to efficiently manage them. Gbcommerce's Inventory simplifies this process. It streamlines partial shipment receipt and facilitates the creation of backorders for future reconciliation, ensuring operational efficiency and order accuracy.

Streamlined Supplier Management

Collaborating with multiple suppliers enhances business flexibility and resilience, albeit it comes with additional paperwork. Our cloud-based purchase order system adeptly stores distinct price and part number information for each vendor. This reduces the risks of delays and billing inconsistencies, streamlining your supplier interactions.

Insight into Product Costs

Gbcommerce's sophisticated average unit cost calculations provide invaluable insights into your spending on each product. Understanding the average cost of each product empowers a deeper understanding of your sales' gross margin, aiding in informed decision-making.

Effortless Product Allocation

For businesses with multiple locations, our software allows seamless allocation of incoming inventory to specific warehouses or sub-locations within warehouses, ensuring efficient inventory management and control.

inventory manaement software

How Gbcommerce's Inventory Management Software Enhances Business Operations

For over a decade, Gbcommerce has been dedicated to assisting small to mid-sized Fortune 500 companies and e-commerce enterprises in optimizing their inventory management. Our cloud-based software offers comprehensive solutions for handling inventory and product ordering, ensuring businesses operate seamlessly and efficiently.

Discover the advantages of our products firsthand by signing up for a complimentary trial version of our inventory purchase order software or schedule a live demo today to experience the transformative impact on your business operations.

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