Streamline Your Purchasing and Order Management Processes


Automate stock levels and streamline your purchasing process in one place

Whether orders are coming in at the speed of light, or from all over the world, accurate inventory counts and timely order processing are essential to serving your customers quickly.

Achieve maximum efficiency with automated processes, like reordering, purchase order processing and approvals, and stock and cost reconciliation. When your efficiency is predictable, peace of mind is virtually guaranteed.

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Tracking and tracing inventory in your warehouse and out of it

When you’re trusting your inventory to vendors as part of your outsourcing or drop-shipping operations, Global Business Commerce allows you to maintain visibility every step of the way.

When time is money, knowing how long goods take to move through the process is extremely valuable. Identify bottle necks and track costing changes as timelines are adjusted.

Don’t sweat the
stock stuff

Regardless whether you’re serving mom-and-pops or big-box stores, Global Business Commerce gives you visibility into current stock and its locations while allowing you to customize your purchasing functions. One platform does it all, so you don’t have to.

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Dropshipping and Outsourcing

Maintain the same level of visibility and traceability as if you managed physical goods yourself


Vendor Management

Set up default vendors and track inventory by vendor sources


Stock Management

Eliminate stockouts and overstock with automated re-order points


Purchase Order Management

Automate an end-to-end PO process, including approvals, in one platform


Purchase Order Approvals

Maintain compliance by only issuing properly approved orders


Landed Cost Management

Determine the true cost of inventory assets and all relative expenses

Lighten the load of landed-cost calculations

Calculating the true landed cost of goods can be a cumbersome process that is often completed manually by many small-to-medium-sized businesses. With connected, full-featured inventory-management software, though, your cost reconciliation can be quick and automated, saving you time and money.

Global Business Commerce allows you to separate the receipt of physical goods from cost reconciliation considerations, like shipping, taxes, and fees. You can then adjust costs and include additional fees to calculate the true landed cost of received goods. Your accountant will high-five you.

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