Effortless Report Generation for Businesses

Seamless Insights into Your Business

Experience real-time insights into your business’s current standing and future trajectory through our advanced reporting tools.

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Focus on the Bigger Picture

Gain a comprehensive view of your cash flow and business performance using our intuitive reporting tools, allowing you to make informed decisions effortlessly.

Simplified Business Reporting

Setting the Stage for Success

Tailor and create professional-grade reports that perfectly align with your unique business requirements, empowering you to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Expand Your Business Intelligence


Stay Informed on Receivables

Effortlessly manage open invoices, customer balances, and overdue amounts using specialized accounting reports such as Customer Balance Summary or Accounts Receivable Aging Summary.


Collaborate with Expert Bookkeepers

Through Global Business Commerce Live Bookkeeping, collaborate with dedicated virtual experts who meticulously manage your books. They curate and furnish bespoke reports tailored to your business’s specific needs.


Automated Spreadsheet Synchronization

Leverage the convenience of automatically syncing spreadsheets with Global Business Commerce Live Bookkeeping. Your dedicated virtual experts handle your books and deliver customized reports, ensuring alignment with your business requisites.

Dive Deeper into Business Insights

Transform your smartphone into an instant receipt scanner with the Global Business Commerce app.


Track Finances Your Way

Customize and apply tags as personalized labels to monitor both incoming and outgoing transactions. Create unique tags that resonate with your business essentials.

Gain Valuable Insights and Reports

Assess your revenue and expenses using a customized Profit & Loss report generated based on your tailored tags. These tagged reports provide invaluable insights into your business performance, revealing potential avenues for increased profitability.

Effortlessly Manage Transactions

Efficiently trace and retrieve transactions based on your customized tags, enabling swift and precise searches. Save time by swiftly locating specific transactions when conducting searches based on assigned tags.

Global Business Commerce Payments

Get paid anytime, anywhere

Global Business Commerce simplifies every part of getting paid, so you can stay focused on what matters most.

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Global Business Commerce simplifies the process of tracking expenses chargeable to clients through its specialized feature known as "Projects." This feature conveniently consolidates all project-related information, including invoices, expenses, worked hours, and other pertinent details. With Projects, accurately monitoring and accounting for billable expenses becomes effortless.

Absolutely! Global Business Commerce offers a hassle-free setup for recurring transactions, an ideal solution for fixed business expenses that repeat at regular intervals, be it monthly or weekly. Through this feature, you can schedule the system to handle these recurring expenses on your behalf. This process not only facilitates seamless payments but also ensures automatic recording of the transaction in your financial records. This functionality is available in Global Business Commerce Online Plus and Advanced versions.

While it’s advisable to maintain separation between personal and business transactions, if you encounter such a situation, Global Business Commerce offers a workaround. You can record the business expense within the system and subsequently reimburse yourself. It's essential to attach transaction receipts or any supporting documents to ensure a proper record is maintained.

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