Improve Your Sales and Customer Relationship Management


Seamlessly link inventory to all of your sales channels

Standardization and accuracy can make all the difference in your ability to serve your customers effectively. Global Business Commerce’s sales management software makes it easy to manage and adapt your sales processes, from field sales to phone orders to e-commerce integrations, ensuring you meet your growing business needs and customer base.

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Create product visibility for your customers

Increase product adoption, upsell opportunities, and overall sales with features like kits, and substitute products.

Whether you’re selling items for customer assembly, like a model airplane kit, or bundling products for a seasonal promotion, like a fully stocked picnic basket, Global Business Commerce lets you:

  • Bundle items for customer convenience

  • Set pricing rules, like discounts and promotions to help upsell your inventory and move products quickly.

  • Increase efficiency in your order-building process with a quick list of items always sold together

  • Report on and compare sales trends of items in and outside of kits

When stock is low or out, you’re at risk of losing customers to your competitors. With the substitute product feature, you can make recommendations to customers about other products in your inventory that may fit their needs.

Sell and ship with

When you’ve worked hard to attract customers, getting your products in their hands should be easy. Global Business Commerce’s intelligent platform automates the management of your inventory through all your sales channels and processes.

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Order Management

Manage the full spectrum of your orders system from a single platform



Group products to sell in bundles and drive product adoption


Point of Sale

Link customer orders to your inventory system for accurate stock counts


Pick and Pack

Speed up your customer order processing and streamline your warehouse


Pricing Rules

Customize your pricing tiers for segmented customer groups


Stock Visibility

Fill customer orders efficiently with accurate stock quantities and locations

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Case Study

“Timing is important and running out is not acceptable. Global Business Commerce allows me to take a look out and see what is going to be happening in the future. For me, that’s a big advantage.”

Lala, Inventory Manager Nich Baker

Maintaining efficiency amidst rapid product growth

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Customize your pricing rules

Maintaining and growing your margins is an integral part of your thriving business. Global Business Commerce allows you to set custom pricing rules specific to your purchasing costs, vendor considerations, individual and groups of products, markups and markdowns, and promotional programs. Make adjustments where needed, and all other connected pricing components are updated automatically. Peace of mind is worth every penny.

Global Business Commerce allows you to separate the receipt of physical goods from cost reconciliation considerations, like shipping, taxes, and fees. You can then adjust costs and include additional fees to calculate the true landed cost of received goods. Your accountant will high-five you.

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warehouse management solutions

A Global Business Commerce Advanced demo shows you exact use cases for increased efficiency

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