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The Gbcommerce team has crafted an intuitive Sales Order Management system designed to streamline your sales processes and order fulfillment efficiently.

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Our Order Entry Software simplifies and speeds up the way you handle orders, saving time spent on manual tasks. It lets your team focus on boosting sales. With our system, customer service reps easily create orders and track what customers buy, ensuring smoother sales processes that build strong relationships.

At the Point of Sale (POS), our Sales Order Management system kicks off a process—packing, shipping, and more—essential to completing orders. Quick payment handling, whether upfront or after fulfilling the order, ensures fast transactions. The resulting Invoice keeps track of your customer's financial commitment to your business.

Gbcommerce provides a user-friendly order management system designed for smaller companies. Our goal is to offer an efficient system without the usual complexities of high-cost solutions. Elevate your sales efficiency and accuracy with our advanced tools designed for optimized order management.

Understanding Sales Orders:

A sales order serves as a documented record that monitors the sale of products from a company to its customers at an agreed-upon price. It encapsulates crucial transactional details facilitating the smooth process of product sales. Within this process, several essential documents work together, such as the Sales Order, Pick List, and Sales Invoice, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the sales transaction journey. At Gbcommerce, we value the significance of these documents in maintaining a clear record of sales, enhancing organizational efficiency, and fostering reliable customer relationships.

1. Sales Order

A sales order serves as a comprehensive document outlining the specifics of products, prices, discounts, credits, and quantities requested by a single customer. Typically, a preliminary sales quote precedes the creation of an official sales order, providing a detailed breakdown of the customer's requirements. Within Gbcommerce, you have the capability to seamlessly generate and distribute these documents via print or email, ensuring clarity and professionalism in your sales process.

2. Pick List

In the realm of sales documents, a pick list plays a crucial role by presenting a well-organized list of items earmarked for retrieval from designated locations within the organization. Aligned with the requested sales order, this document streamlines the picking process. Should the customer necessitate shipping, a packing slip is generated post-item retrieval, indicating items placed into designated boxes. Gbcommerce empowers you to effortlessly generate and distribute these documents via print or email, optimizing your operational efficiency.

3. Sales Invoice

An integral financial document, the sales invoice delineates the organization's sales to the customer, encompassing comprehensive details regarding products, prices, discounts, credits, and quantities. Upon payment settlement against the invoice, customers may request a receipt. Within Gbcommerce, you have the functionality to effortlessly produce and distribute these documents via print or email, ensuring a transparent and organized sales transaction process.

What is a Sales Order Management System?

A Sales Order Management System (OMS) serves as a pivotal tool overseeing the intricate process from a customer placing an order to the product's final delivery. This robust system efficiently monitors sales, stock, and fulfillment, ensuring seamless operations while keeping all involved processes and personnel updated and informed.

In today's dynamic digital landscape, the significance of an Order Management System cannot be overstated. The difference between a well-suited system and one inadequate for growth is starkly apparent. Over four decades of closely collaborating with stockists and distributors, our Account Managers at Gbcommerce have encountered numerous companies grappling with manual systems that excessively consume their staff's valuable time.

Many businesses still rely on disparate spreadsheets, multiple software tools, or outdated legacy systems, which often lead to heavy reliance on error-prone manual processes. This dependence becomes a significant challenge for both employees and customers alike. As order volumes surge, businesses confronted with these limitations struggle to scale efficiently. The increased administrative workload necessitates either overburdening existing staff or incurring expenses in hiring new personnel to manage the escalating orders.

At Gbcommerce, we understand the critical role an effective Sales Order Management System plays in empowering businesses to streamline operations, reduce errors, and efficiently manage increasing order volumes. Our goal is to provide scalable and intuitive solutions that liberate businesses from manual constraints, fostering growth and success.

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Gbcommerce: Empowering Scalable Solutions and Customer-Centric Approaches

Future-Proof Order Management System

Scalability and Relevance: Investing in an order management software requires a forward-thinking approach. It's imperative to choose a solution that not only scales efficiently but also remains relevant and updated in the evolving market landscape.

Essential Tasks of a Superior OMS:
  • Omni-channel Order Acceptance: An effective OMS should seamlessly accept orders from various channels, ensuring a cohesive sales process.
  • Efficient Offline Sales Handling: Quick transitions from quoting to ordering enhance operational agility.
  • Organized Order Management: Organizing orders for warehouse and delivery teams ensures streamlined operations.
  • Real-Time Stock Updates: Keeping stock levels updated across all systems, including online sales channels, is vital for accurate inventory management.
  • Order Tracking and Management: Detailed order tracking benefits both customers and employees, ensuring transparency in the sales process.
  • Handling Complex Pricing Structures: Adapting to diverse pricing needs across channels or customer segments is crucial for market competitiveness.
  • Seamless Integration: Integration with various business processes, such as accounts, payments, purchase orders, and invoicing, streamlines operations.

Evolving Customer Expectations in a Digital Age

Transformed Consumer Shopping Behaviors: Changing consumer expectations, influenced by online shopping and retail giants like Amazon, demand a seamless buying experience, blurring the boundaries between B2B and B2C transactions.

Customer-centric Considerations:
  • Real-time Updates: Customers seek continuous updates on their order's progress for an informed buying experience.
  • Prompt Turnaround and Delivery: Swift order processing and timely deliveries are vital for customer satisfaction.
  • Competitive Pricing and Quality Products: Providing quality products at competitive prices is imperative to retain customer loyalty.
  • Accessible Customer Service: Friendly and easily accessible customer service enhances the overall buying experience.
  • Simplified Returns Process: An uncomplicated returns process encourages trust and satisfaction among customers.
Addressing Time-to-Delivery Concerns
  • Impact of Faster Shipping: As per SPS Commerce's retail report, faster shipping significantly influences consumer buying decisions, emphasizing the need for prompt order fulfillment.
  • Gbcommerce Solutions: Gbcommerce aims to minimize order-to-delivery timelines, providing efficient solutions to distributors, wholesalers, stockists, and retailers in today's competitive market.

Sales Order Management Systems make multi-channel selling a breeze

The landscape of multi-channel selling has undoubtedly brought forth numerous advantages. However, this shift has prompted companies to seek improved, adaptable, and fully integrated software systems to effectively manage cross-channel inventory, cope with increased order fulfillment, and ensure quicker turnarounds.

According to the Retail Systems Research Survey, legacy systems pose a significant hurdle to successful multi-channel execution, with 29% of companies citing legacy systems as a major obstacle. Relying on spreadsheet-based or outdated software solutions for inventory management and sales order processing can potentially result in mismanaged stock and orders, posing a risk to your company's credibility and reputation.


When customers encounter subpar customer service experiences, it often nudges them towards exploring alternative shopping options. Manually organizing processes tends to introduce errors and inefficiencies, making it unsuitable for scaling up operations in the future. Gbcommerce recognizes the critical importance of streamlined, error-free operations and aims to provide forward-thinking, scalable solutions that cater to evolving multi-channel demands while ensuring seamless customer experiences.

The right ERP solution

As your business expands and delves into multi-channel selling, its foundation becomes paramount for sustained growth. Embracing the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution becomes pivotal, offering seamless management of customer orders and inventory—a key factor in maintaining and exceeding customer expectations.

An all-inclusive ERP solution serves as a centralized powerhouse, streamlining every facet of your business operations. By eradicating the hassles of manual and time-consuming processes, it effectively handles sales order management, stock control, warehouse operations, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounts, and invoicing. These elements amalgamated in a single solution propel your business towards elevated success and performance levels.


At Gbcommerce, we understand the significance of a robust ERP system. Our comprehensive solution is designed to not just manage your sales orders and inventory but to synchronize warehouse activities, foster customer relations, and streamline financial operations. With a unified platform, your business gains the momentum to thrive and achieve the next level of success.

Embracing Digital Transformation with Gbcommerce's ERP Solutions

Streamlining Operations Through Automation
  • Overcoming Obsolete Processes: By automating previously manual processes, Gbcommerce empowers businesses to stay ahead of demand surges and diverse selling channels. Outdated methods no longer impede growth, allowing for a smoother operational transition.
  • Revolutionizing with a Complete Digital ERP: Gbcommerce's comprehensive digital ERP solution is a game-changer. Automation isn't limited to order processing alone; it extends to warehouse picking lists, delivery notes, regular customer communications, and maintaining optimal stock levels.
Maximizing Efficiency with Digital Integration
  • Unlocking Profit Potential: Our digital system goes beyond mere automation, opening doors to various digital solutions that optimize efficiency and drive profitability. Sales representatives gain on-site order placement capabilities, enhancing sales opportunities. Informed decision-making is facilitated through real-time updates on stock levels and pricing structures, enabling better negotiation strategies.
Staying Ahead in the 21st Century Business Landscape
  • Future-Proof Your Business: Gbcommerce's digital solutions alleviate concerns about compliance with evolving government regulations, such as privacy procedure changes or digital tax initiatives. Your business remains consistently adaptable to the modern era, unhindered by growth limitations.
Prioritizing Scalability for Long-Term Success
  • Foundations for Success: Scalability lies at the heart of Gbcommerce's approach. A stable and scalable core ensures the longevity of your business software solution, providing the strongest foundation for sustained success and growth.

Elevate Your Business with Gbcommerce's Advanced Sales Order Management System

Overcoming Legacy Systems
  • Step into the Future: Say goodbye to outdated systems that hinder your business potential. Gbcommerce offers a revolutionary Sales Order Management System designed to streamline order management processes.
  • Effortless Order Handling: Bid farewell to the complexities of managing orders. Our efficient ERP system ensures a hassle-free experience by consolidating order processing, purchasing, inventory control, accounting tasks, and sales channel management into one unified platform.
Embracing Gbcommerce Software
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiencies: By embracing Gbcommerce Software, your business undergoes a transformation that enhances operational efficiencies. This transformation isn't just about streamlining processes; it's about empowering you to make smarter purchases and drive smarter sales strategies, ensuring peak performance.
  • Optimizing Performance: Our software isn't just a tool; it's a catalyst for optimizing your business performance. Embrace our comprehensive solution to maximize your potential and deliver unparalleled results.
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Setup a quote, and work through the negotiations with your customers before creating a full-blown order. Easily autofill the information from the quote when your customer is ready to pull the trigger.

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