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Simplify your business operations with an automated shipping system designed for ERP-connected businesses. Global Business Commerce's shipping automation software assists businesses in locating the best shipping carriers and rates while also saving time and money during the shipment process.

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Increasing shipping demands entail increased automation.

Increasing shipping demands entail increased automation.

Every day, the demands that a business faces in terms of shipping get increasingly difficult. Customers demand items delivered, and you must provide that demand while saving on real freight expenses. Most shipping software, unfortunately, rely on warehouse staff making manual decisions. In today's market, that won't cut it.

Global Business Commerce gives you complete control over your business rules and eliminates laborious warehousing processes. To automate order fulfillment and provide a better shipping experience, our automated shipping system employs proprietary packing and shipping algorithms. This implies that each item is dispatched from the correct warehouse, in the correct box, with the best carrier and service.

A single tool for multi-carrier shipping

Use a single platform to scale.

Global Business Commerce integrates parcel and LTL carriers into a single solution that scales with your business. Optimize order-level transportation across carriers, services, and modes to provide the most cost-effective option while still delivering on time.

Always go with the most reliable carrier and service.

Add and use your agreed rates with ease. Global Business Commerce assigns each order to the most appropriate carrier and service. From a single platform, you can connect with hundreds of carriers and 3PLs.

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Stop logging into each carrier's website one by one.

Using Global Business Commerce, you can eliminate manual quoting in several systems. To check quotes, book shipments, and manage your orders, you may access all of your carriers in one place. Errors should be minimized, and duplicate entries should be avoided.

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A single tool for multi-carrier shipping
Automated packing decisions with shipping tools

Automated packing decisions with shipping tools

Have you been put off by the low-weight pricing? Are you overpaying for packing supplies and labor?

Packing Optimization, also known as cartonization, by Global Business Commerce selects the appropriate box or pallet for each order, calculates final packed weights and dimensions, and calculates precise packing and shipping charges in real-time.

Every order is packed in the best box possible thanks to Global Business Commerce's hardware-free dimensional packing solution. You can be confident that you're paying the carrier the best price for your shipment, whether you're being charged by weight or dim-weight.

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Order processing ramped up by automatic rating.

Using automatic order rating, you can speed up order fulfillment. The multi-carrier rating logic in Global Business Commerce allows you to provide the best delivery experience at the lowest cost. Rate all of your orders automatically and optimize for:

  • Cost
  • Degree of service
  • Carrier
  • Type of carrier
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Order processing ramped up by automatic rating.
Data and analytics of shipment in real-time

Data and analytics of shipment in real-time

Give your team the authority to make data-driven decisions and better communicate with customers. In real-time, use your own fulfillment statistics and pack/ship station setup.

  • Process orders as quickly as possible.
  • Create and print shipping paperwork.
  • Custom reporting enabled.
  • Make use of on-brand tracking and tracing.
  • Costs accrued accurately.
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A solution for shipping automation that is more than just an API call

Shipping APIs that can handle a lot of traffic.

Our software has increased throughput by 300% while lowering shipping costs by 25% in several high-volume operations by eliminating human decision-making steps with shipment automation. One of our customers, in fact, used our platform to grow their business from startup to billion-dollar unicorn, establishing one new warehouse every quarter without needing to care about system scalability, fulfillment downtime, or efficient order routing.

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A solution for shipping automation that is more than just an API call

Connect to your company's systems.

Integrate seamlessly with your shopping cart, ERP, or WMS.

Global Business Commerce integrates with your existing systems via an ERP plugin, an eCommerce plugin, or a REST API. In real-time, display precise rates, apply shipping rules or business logic, and write data back to your ERP.

APIs for shipping that is user-friendly for developers

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