Powerful Software Solutions for Small Business Inventory Control

Keep your inventory levels accurate and up-to-date across all your sales channels, including e-commerce platform, retail POS system, and marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and Etsy.

Avoid overselling and stockouts, ensuring that your customers can always purchase the products they want. Provide a better shopping experience for your customers by having accurate inventory levels displayed on your website and other sales channels.

Make more informed business decisions, such as when to reorder products, and how much of each product to keep in stock.

Use inventory management software that can integrate with your various sales channels to automate the process of inventory syncing and make it more efficient.

Create real-time inventory visibility and alerts, enable sales and purchase order management, and access to track products location, lot and serial number Enable multi-location inventory support to control the stock on hand of the same product in different location Optimize your inventory by analyzing the sales data and be able to forecast sales and demand Reduce human error and inconsistencies when updating inventory levels manually across different channels.


Gain Visibility Over Your Entire Inventory Lifecycle

Empower your business and gain insights across your warehouse related workflows with Skustack


Track Inventory

Keeps an accurate count of exactly how much inventory you have and where it's located.


Warehouse Transfers

Tracks inventory as it moves in and out of your warehouse.


Picking FBA Shipments

Simplify your workflow — from picking inventory and assembling kits to entering box content.


RMA Receiving

Processes returns and receives them back into inventory.


Picking Orders

Tracks inventory as it moves in and out of your warehouse.


PO Receiving

Receives new inventory into stock and immediately make it available for sale.


Cycle Counting

Systematically audits your inventory to maintain accuracy.


Warehouse Regions

Utilizes warehouses, regions and bins for more precise and granular inventory tracking.



Know with absolute certainty that all your shipped orders have left the warehouse.


FBA Removals

Effective inventory management is crucial to your business.


Kit Assembly

List multiple items as a kit and make sure that each component's inventory is accurate.


Serial Number Tracking

Keep track of serialized items across locations and prevent fraudulent returns.


Lot Number and Expiration Tracking

Ensure that no expired products reach your customers.

Inventory Management

Also known as product data feeds or data feeds - are files in a variety of formats (csv, txt, xml) containing any
manner of different product information.


A single source of truth

With real-time visibility into your asset data in a single pane, improve your service delivery and asset management processes.


Stay on top of changes

Mitigate risks by maintaining a complete record of all changes and upgrades happening to your infrastructure.


Understand the big picture

With an inventory tightly integrated with all modules, get complete context about asset dependencies and associations in a single pane.

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