Global Business Commerce Workflow Management System (WMS)

From start to finish, warehouse logistics are simplified.

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Implementing the Correct WMS Can Make or Break
Your Fulfillment Success.

The efficiency of your warehouse depends on more than just the smooth organization of products and materials. You also need a reliable partner to help you manage your distribution center and logistics. That's where Global Business Commerce comes in.

We have a robust set of tools to help you optimize every aspect of your warehouse management. With our platform, you can achieve greater accuracy and efficiency across your entire operation. So you can focus on growing your e-commerce business with confidence.

Global Business Commerce's SellerSku warehouse management app makes your team's workflow more efficient and streamlined every step of the way. With SellerSku, you can easily receive and track POs, pick orders, assemble them, and even process returns back into inventory without any hassle.

Inventory management is crucial for any business, especially one that is rapidly growing. With Global Business Commerce, you can keep track of your inventory as it moves in and out of your warehouse, so you always know what you have on hand. This way, you can fill orders quickly and efficiently without wasting time. Global Business Commerce also makes it easy to expand your business by allowing you to handle more orders with ease.

Global Business Commerce WMS offers:
  • Unrivaled user-friendliness
  • Intuitive reception and directed-putaway
  • Cross-docking with minimal effort
  • Optimization of continuous waves
  • An omni-channel selection that adapts
  • Scan-pack that is dynamic and responsive
  • Shipping capabilities that are unrivaled
  • Cycle counting that is focused and directed
  • Visualized analytics that is insightful
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Increase the accuracy of warehouse inventory and order integrity.

Your business is suffering silently as a result of poor data quality and wasteful, inefficient operations. Companies could use Global Business Commerce WMS to:

  • For uncompromised inventory traceability, employ license plate best practices.
  • With sophisticated cycle counting, increase inventory accuracy.
  • With dynamic scan-pack verification, ensure order accuracy.
  • Guarantee that EDI labeling and cartonization are followed.
  • Follow all customer-specific documentation and packing standards.
  • Increase throughput while lowering expenses

Increase labor efficiencies for lower costs and higher throughput.

In most distribution centers, labor is the priciest element. With 70% of pickers' time spent traveling in a warehouse, excessive travel of personnel and materials merely adds to those expenditures.

  • Allow your distribution centers to operate more efficiently and save time.
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend in the warehouse traveling.
  • Minimized Inventory handling
  • To maximize existing space, improve space/cube usage and storage costs.
  • Optimize stock placement
  • Use task sequencing and scheduling to your advantage.
  • Remove exceptions and watch your team's productivity surge.
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Improve your client satisfaction

Customer retention and satisfaction are harmed by shipping errors caused by inventory inaccuracy and mis-shipments. Global Business Commerce WMS provides actionable visibility into priority commitments in the warehouse, allowing customers to meet value-added requirements like compliance labeling and documentation, packaging, and billing. Customers can expect accurate on-time deliveries from your distribution center, which eliminates charge-backs from major retailers.

WMS with all the bells and whistles that grow with your business

Global Business Commerce WMS is a best-in-class warehouse management system that is meant to adapt and scale with businesses. We take a fresh approach to supply chain management by synchronizing inventory and workforce planning, execution, visibility, and management across warehousing and distribution operations.

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